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Infinite Safari Adventures Owned and Operated by Alan Feldstein, Studio City, CA.

Victor, the "ambassador" cheetah

http://www.cheetah.orgLearn more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund helping preserve this most endangered of Africa's big cats.

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Welcome to Beth's and Laura's Travels

I began this web page in advance of our trip to Spain, July 2010. These are pictures from that journey which began July 3 in Madrid and then to Barcelona via bullet train. After four days in Barcelona we returned to Madrid to catch our tour group, Marly Camino, for an eight day "Holy Pilgrimage" walk through northern Spain to Santiago. (Think Chaucer's Canterbury Tales). We "pilgrims" joined six others and our guide for the 60-mile stroll through the Spanish countryside. It was a Holy Year, so we  encountered a number of people on spiritual quests. While we started out to appreciate the beauty of the land and enjoy getting a lot of exercise, we ended up also being spiritually replenished. The photos were shot with a Canon T1i.   Read More About Our Tour

Documentary Project

Iberian Adventures

♥Note the small town of Lugo, which is where we began our walk July 9, 2010 to Santiago, the beautiful cathedral town where the bones of St. James are regarded as a relic.

Our Latest Adventure on Wheels in Turks and Caicos (cycle appropriately named).

We love to take different modes of transportation wherever we are.


 Looking forward to moving from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and Indian oceans.



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