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Infinite Safari Adventures Owned and Operated by Alan Feldstein, Studio City, CA.

Victor, the "ambassador" cheetah

http://www.cheetah.orgLearn more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund helping preserve this most endangered of Africa's big cats.

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Our Layover in Amsterdam

Training Days For Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro In Tanzania This Summer.                 : Laura and I (and Sherpas Charlie and Lucy) summit on the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mts., Sandstone Peak at 3,111 feet  April 14 and a week later ascend Mt. San Antonio at 10,064 feet. The journey begins!  (For more photos see the Photo Gallery and for updates check blog posts).


Mt. Kilimanjaro soars to 19,341 feet , the highest point in Africa.

Infinite Safari Adventures


 Mt. San Antonio (Old Baldy) sort of looks like Kilimanjaro except it's about 9,000 feet lower..

Hike up to Slate Mountain!

Laura and Beth at the top of Mt. Islip

We had great views of the San Gabriel Valley to the west, and the Mojave Desert to the east from the 8,200-foot summit.  

Beth on a log in the mountains. 

We climbed Mt. Baden-Powell (named after the founder of the Boy Scouts) in the snow on April 28, 2012.



Laura and Beth Reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at xxxx August xxxx!!!

Hiking to the "Bridge to Nowhere" in the San Gabriel Mountains

 We bump into our Kilimanjaro tour group owner, Alan Feldstein, on the trail. What are the odds of that? Alan is also promoting our climb for Oasis!